Club News

Club News
An amazing start to the week - Abbotsford Prep School representing Trafford at the Greater Manchester Winter Games in Gymnastics Placed 2nd overall with an individual overall placing 2nd too ! Well done Abbotsford Prep Team and Abigail being placed as an individual.

Competition: Primary Key Steps Gymnastics 

  1. Year 5/6 Key Steps 

The Key Step Gymnastics programme has been produced to provide a simple competition structure that combines basic movement and agility skills in a fun, friendly and progressive way. By adopting this format it is hoped that the event can be used as a catalyst for ongoing participation and development.


The Amaechi Centre


Gymnastics Year 5/6 Key Steps

1st Ellenbrook Primary School (Salford)

2nd Abbotsford Prep School (Trafford)

3rd St Thomas Ashton Primary School (Wigan)

4th  Claypool Primary School (Bolton)

5th Cheadle Heath Primary School (Stockport)

6th  Knowsley Junior School (Oldham)

7th Holden Clough Primary School (Tameside)

8th St John’s RC Primary School (Manchester)

9th St Vincent’s Primary School (Rochdale)