Initial bookings must be booked through our class4kids system https://fusion-dance-academy.class4kids.co.uk/

terms and conditions agreed to. 

No amendments to original bookings can be made unless they are requested in writing or email and are agreed by our administration team at their discretion and in agreement with the coaching team.

Fusion Gymnastics Academy operate a monthly subscription pricing scheme to cover session fees. 

These sessions operate term time only and for set additional weeks in the summer holidays. 

1. Your first payment will be collected in advance of your official start date on the 1st of each calendar month and you agree to register with us and pre-authorise future payments to allow recurring monthly payments however if a covering payment is due you will receive an email from class4kids advising the amount and that will also be taken on the 1st of the month.

2. Your recurring monthly payment will be processed on the 1st of the month thereafter, which is when your monthly payment for session fees become due. 

3. It is your responsibility to keep us updated with an ‘active’ bank account via class4kids that has sufficient funds available for the full amount due for your monthly payment of session fees. 

4. If your monthly payment is returned by your bank for any reason, Class4kids will contact you to advise when they will try again. 

5. Cancelling your direct debit or removing pre-authorisation of future payments from your account does not mean you have given us notice to end your subscription at Fusion at you must provide us with one months written notice via email.  

6. If you do not pay for your monthly session fees, we may prevent the member from entering the Academy. This does not mean we will end their membership at Fusion and you still remain liable for unpaid session fees. 

7.  You may terminate your membership without serving the ‘notice period’ if you are diagnosed with a serious medical illness or suffer an injury which prevents you from participating in gymnastics. In these cases, termination without a notice period will only be granted if a doctor’s letter with a valid practice stamp is emailed to: fusiongymnastics@gmail.com stating that the member must not participate in gymnastics. 

8. Non-attendance in classes will not result in termination of your membership nor does it act as notice of termination. As stated in condition 5 you must provide us with one months notice in writing or email if you wish to terminate your membership. Until such time that we receive your one month notice in writing you will remain liable for any unpaid monthly session payments. 

9. In event of us not being able to operate classes due to COVID restrictions all classes will operate on-line via Zoom and your monthly subscription will continue.


Holidays taken within course dates will not decrease the subscription of the course. Full monthly payment for the course must still be made and no refund will be given for weeks missed due to holiday.