Fusion Parents & Toddler Gymnastics Classes

Walking – 4yrs Parent & Toddler Gymnastics Classes A free flow session of climbing, balancing, crawling, jumping, bouncing and rolling. Songs and games to cool down and relax at the end of the session. 3yrs – 5yrs – Independent Class The children warm up for the session through the use of games that stimulate the body and imagination. A more technical class dealing with body shapes, good jumping and landing and other techniques intended to provide a solid foundation for the next steps of gymnastics.The children will work towards the British Gymnastics Pre School Proficiency Awards.

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General Gymnastics

Gymnastics for All – the right place to start Gymnastics is a safe, fun and challenging sport that offers movement opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Providing participation across nine different disciplines, gymnastics has something for everyone. Based on the notion that gymnastics is a sport for everybody, we are offering a variety of activities, programmes, events and competitions suitable for all genders, age groups and abilities, Gymnastics for All contributes to personal health, fitness and well-being. The focus of Gymnastics for All activities is Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fundamentals, involving •Gymnastics with or without apparatus •Gymnastics and Dance The children will work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.

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Cheerleading Classes

Cheerleading is a mixture of dance and gymnastics. For ages 5-adults. Benefits include improved fitness, strength and flexibilty, self esteem and confidence. Take part in local and regional shows, national competitions. Start from the basic and learn the sport of smiles which combines high energy dance routines with gymnastics and stunts.

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Fusion FreeStyle ParkOur Ninja

Fusion Freestyle ParkOur-Ninja classes are for those of you at a beginner to intermediate level. You will be taught, in depth, various techniques and movements as well as progressions and how to improve your weaknesses in a friendly environment. Great exercise get fit whilst having fun and learning new skills. If you fancy trying your hand at becoming a real-life Spider-Man/Women, then Fusions parkour and free running academy might just be for you. Our disciplines – which generally involve moving around urban spaces using a combination of running, climbing, vaulting, jumping and rolling are extremely popular.